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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

I offer a professional and high quality service and stand by my inspections 100%.


When looking into hiring a house inspector there are many variables to consider, while we are often lured in by price it is important to be mindful of what the discounted price is neglecting to include. I have often seen new home buyers fall victim to rushed house inspections that do not thoroughly protect your potential investment by flagging obvious deficiencies in the construction. Often times this results in a lost of income however there is a safety component to consider as well when it comes to you and your family. 


There are a few important qualifications you should require when looking to hire a house inspector, the following being the most important:

  • Years of construction experience, myself I have over 25 years of experience in this domain and to this day still perform many renovations and some new constructions;
  • Insurance, any responsible and trustworthy inspector will be insured to protect you and himself;
  • Excellent standing with the better business bureau;
  • Amount of inspections conducted, I have performed over five thousand inspections in my long career as a house inspector.


While not a necessity for house inspections having a house inspector with over 4 years of fire fighting experience can only serve to help protect you and your family more given my vast knowledge of fire code regulations.