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About us

I'm Valmont Bérubé and my son, Carle Bérubé. I was a general contractor for the past 25 years and a building inspector for 14 years. Carle has been in the construction business since 1994 and a building inspector since 2005. As of 2013 Carle has become the primary inspector of our business. image

He does building inspections from roof to foundation, followed by an extensive Inspection Report. We have vast experience in building and renovating solariums, decks, houses and flooring. We also have knowledge in electricity and plumbing.

Carle and I were hosts of a television show entitled 2 x 4 on Rogers Cable Channel 23 for 9 years. We had guests on various construction issues where we solved any problems from the foundation to the roof.

I taught carpentry at Cité collégiale where men and women learn how to build houses etc. in order to achieve their carpentry certificates. Carle also taught welding at Cité collégiale. He was also a volunteer Fire Fighter and a Fire Code Inspector for the City of Clarence-Rockland.